Werkin in the round #2

This technique is the one I learned most recently.  It makes perfect sense and may be the easiest one.


2.  Work into Ch1

Pros: simple.
Cons: may be slightly less strong than the others, just a guess though.  Works best with double or treble.  Larger-ish center.

Any pattern will tell you how to being your project.  You can always adapt said pattern.  It's YOUR project after all.  It's ultimately up to you how you want to begin your round.  

If your pattern says;

Row 1 - Ch4, join with slip stitch
Row 2 - 12 dc in center

That is exactly what we did here

In this example it can be translated as;
Row 1 - chain 3.  Work 11 dc into first ch (or second ch from hook)

Note; The first ch acts as the center of the work, the second and third chain act as the first dc.

This is really the exact same thing.  

Yay!  Options.

So.  Here we go....
Chain 4

 11 double crochet into the first chain you make.  My thumb nail is holding the knot at the beginning and the tail.

 Yarn over and insert into the ch1.
 Pull through.
 Yarn over, pull through.
Complete your dc.  

Now you have your original chain 2 that is being counted as a dc and your first of 11 dc.
 Here is 5 more dc.

 After 11 dc.
 Join with the first st.  Slip stitch.
And tie off.  WHA-LA!


Vi's First Birthday.

The squirt's first birthday is next week and I'm making stuff.  I always make stuff.  I have bright ideas and I jump into them with not enough time and then they aren't exactly what I wanted.  Blah blah blah.  

First here is her invitation.  This took me too long.  But the first piece of the design always does.  

However.  This was easy and I'm in love with them.  

None of the ones in the stores were what I was thinking so I made these.  I happened to have a stamper that fit the design PERFECTLY.  Seriously.  No measuring or anything.  It was perfect.  

This last pic is the most true to color.  I love my phone app too much sometimes.  :)  

I love making these little details.  I realize the majority of these will just end up in the garbage.  But all I spent on them was ink.  <3


Werkin the round - #1

...can be a little intimidating if you haven't done it.   

Lots of very cool projects require you to work in the round.  

This means that you are creating a circle versus creating a chain and going back and forth and back and forth again.   


      ...a couple examples....

These are smaller projects that have one starting point. 

You get the idea.

Honestly, I prefer to work this way.  It's generally a little more interesting project. (Isn't the ducky cute!)  You can't make a heart or  a cute ducky without knowing how to start the round.

Lesson One:  
How to start.  Seems a logical place to begin.

Your pattern will tell you if you need to chain or magic circle but let me know you the differences.

There are three ways to start a "round" project.     

1.  Foundation Chain.

This is the one most traditionally used.  

Pros:  It's very commonly used, it is necessary when you are making something that has a large center like a bracelet or a coffee cozy.
Cons:  Its hard to see the middle.

First let's chain 4.

Then join the chain.  You will normally join at the first st.  The pattern will always tell you this.  However, I've never seen it any other way.

When you hear "join" that means to slip stitch.  So go through the first chain you made, grab the yarn, pull through chain AND stitch on hook.

Now the tricky part.  Put the hook through the center ( the middle of all the chains)  and grab the yarn and do your stitch.  

Let's do an sc.

Repeat this step.  Here is three sc.

The pattern will tell you how many to make.  I've completed the first row with 10 sc.  While stitching, hold the tail against your work so it crochets into the piece.  This is what keeps it from unraveling.

To finish; slip stitch into the first sc. 


Car Seat Afghan

I fell in love with the shell stitch I did on the cozies.  Its SO simple, yet so much more interesting to look at than straight sc or dc.


While I was daydreaming about the texture I was thinking Vi needs a blanket for her legs in the car, but she just kicks everything off.  She's like her dad.  No shoes, socks or anything else on her feet if she can help it.  So she needs something that is somewhat connected to her.

Simple enough idea.  An afghan that has an opening for the buckle.  She can't kick it off, but can still play with it and move it around so she doesn't just get mad at it.

So wha-la.

My gramma would be so proud of that razor sharp edge.  :D

With Ollie the Octopus! (Although doesn't he look more like a squid?)

This took me a day.  But probably 6 hours all together.  Very nearly an entire skein of Red Heart Dark Orchid.  And some definite wear on the wrist.  But DAMN it's cute.



One of the easiest things I've found to make are coffee cup cozies.  There is no real necessity for them, but they feel so nice.  Hot Chocolate is THAT much better with one.  It's like a glove for your mug.  You know you want one.  

I've got a pattern for a handle-less mug, but I really like this one I found tonight of a handle mug.  This is the original pattern I used.  Very cute site, check it out.

I tend to use the pattern, then take it out and modify it.  The way this is written works very well.  I changed it for the yarn I was using and because I wanted a more bulky feel but tighter fitting.  Also, I don't have any cute buttons and I'm impatient so I had to make it without them  :)

I love this shell stitch.  Its simple and much more interesting to look at than sc,sc,sc,sc,sc ugh.

Here is my pattern taken from the site and modified...

Let me know if I can help you with any questions at all!  :)

Worsted weight yarn, preferably something easily washable
Size J hook

Stitches used:
Ch- chain
SlSt- slip stitch
SC- single crochet
DC- double crochet

Row 1- Ch 4, and SlSt into beginning chain to create a loop. Ch 2, (counts as a DC), and then make 11 DC in the loop, join to the top of the CH 2. (12)

Row 2- Ch 2, make a DC in same stitch as the CH 2 just made, then make 2 DC in each stitch around, join to top of chain 2. (24)

Row 4- Ch 1, make 1 SC in front loops only in each stitch all the way around, join. (24)

Row 5- Ch 1, (make 1 SC and 1 DC both in the same next stitch, skip next stitch), repeat parenthesis all the way around until 3 stitches are left unworked. 1 SC in the next stitch. Chain 1 and turn

Row 6-  Make 1 SC, and 1 DC in the stitch above the DC from the previous row. Repeat all the way around until 1 stitch is left undone. Make 1 SC in that last stitch. Chain 1, TURN. Repeat row 6 until the mug cozy is the desired height of your cup (about 5 for a normal size mug)

Row 7- Sc around top to beginning.  Sl 4 and join to opposite side.  Sc around the opening to complete.  Sl and tie off. (please note that I did a ch8 in the gray one above. this is when I realized 4 would be more appropriate.)