Werkin in the round #2

This technique is the one I learned most recently.  It makes perfect sense and may be the easiest one.


2.  Work into Ch1

Pros: simple.
Cons: may be slightly less strong than the others, just a guess though.  Works best with double or treble.  Larger-ish center.

Any pattern will tell you how to being your project.  You can always adapt said pattern.  It's YOUR project after all.  It's ultimately up to you how you want to begin your round.  

If your pattern says;

Row 1 - Ch4, join with slip stitch
Row 2 - 12 dc in center

That is exactly what we did here

In this example it can be translated as;
Row 1 - chain 3.  Work 11 dc into first ch (or second ch from hook)

Note; The first ch acts as the center of the work, the second and third chain act as the first dc.

This is really the exact same thing.  

Yay!  Options.

So.  Here we go....
Chain 4

 11 double crochet into the first chain you make.  My thumb nail is holding the knot at the beginning and the tail.

 Yarn over and insert into the ch1.
 Pull through.
 Yarn over, pull through.
Complete your dc.  

Now you have your original chain 2 that is being counted as a dc and your first of 11 dc.
 Here is 5 more dc.

 After 11 dc.
 Join with the first st.  Slip stitch.
And tie off.  WHA-LA!

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