Free Pattern Friday! Cross Stitch Edition

As I'm sure you have noticed the last month or so I've been heavy into cross stitch.  Embroidery was my first fiber art love so it's not a huge stretch.  

I'm also a design nerd (with very little formal training).  Maybe I'm a just a girl that knows what she like to look at.  I've been really enjoying playing with my knowledge of Photoshop and making a few cross stitch patterns.  I know now that there isn't a software that is correct for what I want to do and there isn't a website with a huge selection of patterns and ideas like there is with yarn (Ravelry).  

I've learned so many new things and ways of things playing with this craft.  That's why we craft isn't it?

That all said I've been wanted to get a color wheel at my desk for a long time.  I work a lot with color in many different ways and decided cross stitch was the way to make an interesting one.  

So here it is.  Cross stitch color wheel.

It is made to be 6x6 on 14pt cloth to fit an 8x8 frame.  

I haven't started it yet, I need some colors.  I'll update with suggested colors when I know.  Until then....  
Stitch on, stitcheroos!

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