"Where da moon?" Progress

Violet really like cars, airplanes, trains, cats, the colors blue and purple, Britney Spears, Tool, acting like she is sleeping/ snoring, pulling my short hair and finding the moon in the sky. "where da moon?" Mama, where'd it go??" ... "There he is!"

So much so that I'm going to make her a moon for her room.  

A friend of mine found some cool glow in the dark thread that seemed perfect for the project.  These are Kreninik brand, which I haven't used before.  I'm excited to try.  

I whipped up this moon.  It's 10 x 10 and meant for a 12" embroidery hoop.  

I'm hoping to work on it before Christmas.  I gotta catch her while she still cares where the moon is.  :)

BONUS!!!  Comment below and I'll send you the pattern as a pdf. 

Update: 9/25/13

So, I can't wait.  I tried to wait and finish other things.  But I just can't do it.  


Just a couple notes about this project already.  It's actually going to end up being about 8by8 in a 10" hoop.  That just felt better to me.  

The thread is, as you know, Kreinik Metallics, but it is also medium braid.  Having only bought basic DMC thread previously I didn't realize how thick this was.  It was actually a pleasant surprise.  I had been wanting to do something other that straight up cross stitch for this project.  Because the thread is thick I think it looks great with only one pass.  More sketchy.  :)

Also the pattern is kinda huge.  So I'm printing corner by corner.  The yellow bits are where I highlighted the middle gray color.  This is just to help me see it a bit better.  

This is now my main project.  At least until the new crochet book I ordered comes in...and until I get up and print out the embroidery pattern that I'm planning to do for this.

And the baby is due in 10 days.  UHOH!

Update: 9/26/13

This is about 2 hours of work today.

I like it :) I'm debating on taking out the green.  It's the darkest of the three "grays" and I think it would cool just not there are all.  Hmmm.


  1. Yeah I was worried it would be too thick for the fabric. So you did the right thing only doing half-cross. It should go by quickly that way...

  2. Thanks. It's going pretty fast. And I love the effect it's giving me.

  3. This project is really cool. Could you please send me the pdf of this cool pattern, my e-mail address is jaking.life@gmail.com. Thanks.