Blocking a la Yoga Mat

I really have become a little obsessed with doilies.

There is this blog that solidified my giant doily idea.  Her designs are GREAT.

This pattern I got here.

I used Hobby Lobby I love this Yarn in Rose and a H hook.

I'm blocking it to pull it's shape out a bit.  It seems a bit on top of itself and a bit small.


Now we wait.

***6 hours later***

I just checked and it's dry.  I used the cat's GETAWAYFROMTHAT! spray bottle full of water to wet it.  It wasn't what I would call totally soaked, but... it did take 6 hours to dry.

It held it shape really well.  :)

It's 28.5 inches from tip to tip.

Anyone wanna buy it????  :D

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