Cute Hook Holder

I have a serious weakness for bags, bins, boxes, and buckets.  Anything that I can fill with *stuff*.  

I found this lil guy at Micheal's yesterday.  You know that aisle of junk that you just need?  It's half off right now.  

So after spending hours making an awesome hook case, I decided to transfer everything over to this $1 gem.  

I really like change and I needs lots of it.  Cute huh?

This is also good so that Violet can't get into it.  The old one was fine but she would grab, run and yell "no!no!no!" while laughing.    With this one I'm sure will do the same, but now I don't have to say it too.  

I've got - an entire set of hooks (minus the H that is stick in an afghan at the moment), measuring tape, darting and normal needles, safety pins, stitch markers, fabric scissors, everything else scissors, and my favorite pen.

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